Hello my name is Rafaël. I'm a design and copywriting student at ECV Nantes, and currently based at the Bezalel Academy of Jerusalem. You can find on this site some of my work. I had professional experiences during my studies in France and abroad, in places such as Bleublancrouge Montréal Canada, at Publicis Conseil Paris, and at the Louvre Museum.

Welcome to Lifta

documentary about
the abandonned village of Lifta,
on the outskirt of Jerusalem
Realised with Iris Mimon,
Philippine Brenac, and Brice Cossart
(work in progress)


Trailer for a graphic movie about
the life of a young hobo
in the Negev desert


Scenography experience
inspired by the works of
Adolphe Appia and Bob Wilson.

In the Negev

Visual experiment inspired
by the landscapes of the Negev desert.


Video clip realised
for Meyvelian Jacquot,
a Nantes-based musician.

Axe Case study

Global campaign for
the famous deodorant brand.


Branding realised during an internship
at Bleublancrouge Montreal,
under the supervision
of Simon Laliberté

Bonne Garde

Graphic guideline created
for a Nantes-based neighborhood
organisation which deals with
the question of Popular Education.


Print campaign for
the famous pain-killer.

Portfolio book

Presentation of various print works.